Solution Planners,Specialist CAD planning and estimating for floors and floor coverings

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Save time & money with competitive,professional, CAD installation planning and quantity estimates, projects include:

Hotels, Offices Blocks, Apartment Buildings,  Airports, Casinos & Gaming Venues, Cinema Complexes,  Pubs & Clubs, Bars & Restaurants, Healthcare & Hospitals

Solution Planners offer the latest computer aided design, estimating and planning technology. We provide accurate professional reports, saving you time and money in the preparation of tenders and presentations.

Solution Planners will help you realise the benefits to your business by estimating and budgeting from accurate quantities, as well as presenting more effective professional computer designed planning estimates when tendering for new projects, leave your competitors wondering how you did that! while you get on with winning the next project.

Get the edge on your competitors and make your submissions more effective, don't spend countless hours going over complex plans, make the most of your time in selling and growing your business.  Once planned your projects can easily be revised as the situation changes, and we all know it will!

Solution Planners your extra hands and eyes just when you need them, Solution Planners are Independent and Confidential. We do not sell any type of floor coverings, we do not quote on projects.

Hatched AutoCad .dwg plan

Hatched AutoCad .dwg plan

Solution Planners backed by over 40 years experience in the floor covering industry can help free up your time and reduce costs by quantifying your projects in a fraction of the time required by conventional planning methods.

Starting from a low $95.00 + GST overall costs will depend on the complexity of each project, please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with planning and estimating your commercial projects.  Phone: + 61 3 63435672. Mobile: + 61 3 0458596310.Hould the whole house show signs and symptoms already? Buy viagra 20 mg My husband had a stomach bug saturday night into sunday morning (vomitting and diahrea) one of my daughters had it yesterday and i had it last night into this morning. buy viagra 200mg There are 3 other people in the house that have no signs and symptoms yet-could they not be getting it? best generic viagra usa Thanks for any input! ---------- there is no such thing as the "stomach flu". viagra pfizer 100mg apotheke Its called, norwalk virus. costo del viagra 5 mg farmacia As long as the infected keep clean and wash their hands after vomiting and going to the bathroom (#2) there is a slim chance that anyone else will come down with it. Viagra natural casera receta Here are some tips on preventing it: "norwalk virus" (just remember that hand sanitizers will not kill this virus. buy viagra without prescription House hold cleaners such as lysol will also not kill you. viagra 50mg price india You must use bleach. ) the norwalk virus causes viral gastroenteritis which is known as the nasty 24 hour bug that causes explosive and sudden diarrhea and projectile vomiting. buy viagra generic Usually non life threating but can cause complications in the very young,elderly and those with compromised immune systems. Prevention-wash your hands before preparing food/eating food and most importantly, touching your mouth/nose/eyes. viagra 50mg price india The only way to become infected with this virus is if you ingest the contaminated fecal/vomit particles through your eyes,nose and mouth. buy viagra pills It is impossible to "breathe" in the virus but possible to become infected by breathing in aerosol "spray" droplets from someone vomiting right next to you. best generic viagra usa (the droplets settle within minuted but can still infect someone until cleaned with bleach) even if your whole family breaks out with this virus, you can prevent it by washing your hands for at least 15-20 seconds with warm water and soap. viagra side effects 20 mg Remember that you are not killing the virus, you are washing it down the drain even if you use an antibacterial soap (which only kills bacteria, not viruses) hand sanitizers are also not successful in killing the virus. buy viagra on line without prescription If a member of your family comes down with the virus, let them know to wash their hands after a bowel movement and vomiting. Viagra 20 mg uk To clean infected areas, clean with bleach. buy viagra for men Clean bathrooms (all infected areas) with a bleach solution as soon as possible and be sure to prevent cross contamination and wash your hands afterwards. viagra kanye west lyrics Especially children! viagra cheap online canada Wipe down all commonly touched objects like door knobs, faucet handles, light switches, toilet flushers etc. People are still contagious even after 24 hours after their symptoms settle down so it is always important to was.

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