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Sending Plans - Important Information

Electronic Plans
At Solution Planners we prefer to accept the following electronic file formats for direct importation into our planning system, this avoids the need for you to send hard copy plans, it also means you will receive the completed reports much quicker.

AutoCad .dwg - model space original file   or   Adobe .pdf - saved to 1:100 scale.

Faxed Plans
We can also accept faxed plans providing all perimeter and overall measurements are included on the plan.
N.B. Fax machines will generally distort plans and make it impossible to scale accurate dimensions.

Hard Copy Plans
Finally, we can also use hard copy plans either 1:100 or 1:50 scale or hand drawn from site measurements, again please make sure all dimensions are included.
1:200 scale plans are not suitable for calculating accurate quantities.

Please keep a copy of any plans sent to
Solution Planners, as this will make any subsequent discussion much easier.

If an e-mail address is available we will send the resulting reports to you in .pdf format, otherwise we will express post the hard copy as soon as possible.

Please ensure all areas to be included in the calculations are clearly identified on the plans.
Highlighter can be used, provided it is not too dark (texta is not suitable).

Electronic drawings can be hatched at source or a smaller copy showing the areas to be quantified can be faxed at the same time.

We will send you our easy to follow Product Planning Information Sheet to assist in providing the necessary information required to effectively plan and quantitfy your project.

E-Mail:    Phone: + 61 3 63435672.    Mobile: + 61 3 0458596310.
Post plans to: Solution Planners 5 Bertland Court Norwood Tasmania Australia 7250

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